Beatles - Hollywood Bowl - 1965 [ Back to Gallery ]
The Beatles at this stage were so popular; posters were not needed to sell out concerts, so not that many American Beatles Concert Posters exist simply because they were never produced for their shows. Tickets for this performance at the Hollywood Bowl were sold by mail-in from a newspaper ad placed in the LA Times. In the 80s a large glossy poster was produced from the plates of the original newspaper ad (poster pictured on the right) and unfortunately some of these posters have been sold as original concert posters. Unknown to most however was the fact that a small quantity of posters were actually produced by the Radio Station, KRLA, prior to the show (poster on left). This is the only known poster to exist that I am aware of. It is smaller in size than the reproduction poster done in the 80's and is printed on a fairly thick vellum paper, flat finish and has the faint ghost image on the reverse from posters being stacked without the ink being totally dry and is quite different from the glossy posters that were printed in the 80's. This original Beatles Hollywood Bowl concert poster for 1965 was obtained from an employee of the radio statation KRLA . From her account, she stated that a small stack of these posters arrived at the radio station prior to the concert where she took one to give to her young niece. The niece has had it every since 1965 along with several other promotional items from the radio station, such as promo Beatles records shipped to the station. What happened to the other posters remains a mystery, but since the Beatles show was an immediate sell-out from the ad placed in the LA Times and the Hollywood Bowl prohibited any bill postings outside their gates they were most likely given away and discarded.
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