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Santa Venetia Armory Posters are among my favorite of the sixites for shows produced by Al and Ralph Pepe. Why? because they are unique I guess. The posters for the dances were straight from the fifties for all practable purposes with cardboard boxing style formats, all produced by Tilghman Press. This was unusual because almost all the groups were psychedelic influenced bands, the Bay Areas best, that were playing at the Fillmore and Avalon. Not many SVA posters survived since they were non-psychedelic and really not considered worthy to dress-up the walls of Hippies and Music Fans at the time. Today however, I consider them among the best of the sixties posters. .

Paul Revere and the Raiders 1966

Beware the Friendly Stranger! 1966

13th Floor Elevator 1966

Carol Doda, Styx and Morning Glory 1966

Band Bash 1966

Grateful Dead 1966

Big Brother and the Holding Company 1967

Jefferson Airplane 1967

Quicksilver Messenger Service 1967

Congress of Wonders 1967
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