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An interesting mixture of cultural events started to change things in R&R in the sixties. With the arrival of the Beatles that began to take the music in a significantly different direction, garage band want-a-be's started popping up all over the place, but none so strong as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Peace, Love, Civil Rights, Antiwar and mind altering drugs mixed to start a steady stream of new edge rock with bands such as the Seeds, Doors, Mamas & Papas, Mothers, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver, Big Brother and a host of others. Not only was the music changing, but the way these bands presented themselves to the community and fans changed with new designs - gone were the old formats of boxing-style, block lettering and circus type traveling tour shows. The following are some of my favorites - ENJOY, the art is truly a delight, not to mention the flood of memories from such a great period.

The Seed  1965

SeaWitch 1965?

Tribute to Dr. Strange - 1965

The Charlatans - 1966 - Pre-Family Dog

The Grateful Dead at the Cheetah Club in NYC 1967

The Amazing Electric Wonders - Buffalo Springfield

Love In at Elysian Park 1967 - LA Bands

The Who - Hollywood California

Buffalo Springfield photo outside The Third Eye

Buffalo Springfield at The Third Eye in Rodondo Beach

Buffalo Springfield 1967

Love at the Whiskey A-Go-Go 1966

Velvet Underground at the Trip on the Strip 1966

Jimi Hedrix at the Shrine 1967

Big Brother and the Holding Company 1967

Chancellors 1967

Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane at the Kaleidoscope L.A.

The Doors at the Kaleidoscope L.A.

Buffalo Sprinfield at the Kaleidoscope L.A. 1968

Spirt at the Kaleidoscope in L.A. 1968

Big Brother and the Holding Company at The Cheetah 1967

Jefferson Airplane Grande Ballroom

MC5 at the Grande Ballroom

Venessa - Grande Ballroom 1967

Zebra Man - Grande Ballroom

Jimi Hendrix Experience - BG105

Rick Griffin's Hawaiian Aoxo

Original Artwork for BG 17

Janis Joplin and Big Brother & the Holding Company - Seattle

Doors Aquarius Theater Hollywood 1969

Doors - Santa Monica Civic 1967

Doors - Pasadena JC 1967

The Doors at the Cal Poly Gym 1967

Doors - Las Vegas 1967

Doors - Santa Barbara 1967

Doors at the Cheetah 1967

Doors - LA Shrine Auditorium 1967

Doors - LA Forum 1968

The Doors - Santa Barbara/Ventura 1968

The Doors - San Diego 1968

Doors at Merced Legion Hall 1967

The Doors at Sacramento

The Doors last LA Performance - 1970

The Blue Law - 1967

Fillmore Acid Test - 1966

Grateful Dead FD26 1966

Grateful Dead Hand Colored FD26-2 1966

Grateful Dead Pioneer Ballroom 1966

Grateful Dead 1966 Ghost

The Great Blondin 1966

Love at the Grand Opening at the Pioneer Ballroom

The Seeds 1967

Dance of Death, Grateful Dead 1966

Trip or Freak

The Happening on Sunset Strip

The Conspiracy Love Commune - A Psychedelic Happeing

Grateful Dead at the Carousel Ballroom 1968

The Seagull - 1966

The Grateful Dead in Charlotte, North Carolia

Original Artwork BG16

Monterey Pop Festival - 1967

Conspiracy Stomp! 1969

Them in San Jose 1966

Week of the Angry Arts 1966

Led Zeppelin - UC Irvine 1969

The only Family Dog event held in Southern California

Grateful Dead 1967 at the Continental Ballroom

Ears Grateful Dead  1969

Butterfield Blues Band FD3 1966

Donovan - Seattle concert 1968

The Mothers of Invention - Frank Zappa

First Annual Love Circus - Grateful Dead

Blackman's Free Store 1968

Janis Joplin at the Vulcan Gas Company 1968

Look what's in the window!

Family Dog FD 26 - 1st and 2nd Printings

Grande Ballroom - opening night

Two really great Grande posters from the Ballroom

The Cheetah in Venice

A Neat Grouping of Doors Posters
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